All-in-One WP Migration Website Backup Is Included for FREE with Tech Savvy

All-in-One WP Migration

The complete wordpress migration

Focus on creating engaging websites. We take care of moving your website to any server.

Ultra-fast export

We archive your data in seconds using WPRESS, our open source archive format. It takes a single click to produce a copy of your website.

Drag and drop import

Remarkably easy import process that is intuitive, fast, and designed to support extremely large backups (community version is limited to 512MB, and this is achieved via extension).

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Why Your Website Developer Failed You Without an SSL Certificate

The browsers are done asking politely—time to migrate to HTTPS.

For all the websites out there that are still using HTTP, we want to talk about the importance of providing secure connections to your website by migrating to HTTPS before Google Chrome gives you an ugly surprise by slapping a “not secure” label next to your URL in its address bar.

You likely have heard about HTTPS, which is the secure version of HTTP (the internet communication protocol that is used to “talk” to websites). You may even know why it’s important, but think that it does not apply to your site. We are here to tell you that in 2017, HTTPS is going to be a requirement for every website on the internet. No exceptions.

If you have not been keeping up with developments in web standards, you may have missed the initiative that has been emerging over the last few years: the web community is making SSL encryption a baseline security requirement, and it realistically won’t be possible to stay on HTTP much longer.

We have put together a thorough and up-to-date argument about the benefits of acquiring SSL (and serving your site over HTTPS) and how key internet players (the likes of Google, Mozilla, Microsoft, Apple) have put it at the core of the web.

If you think adopting HTTPS is still only about adding secure connections to your site, you need to read this:


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5 Thing Your Website MUST Have to Be Competitive

Obvious Call to Action

On any website we build, the first thing we ask the business owner is what do we want the visitor on your site to do? Is it order your product? Book your service? Come to visit you? Every website has to have a clear call to action that can be determined as soon as the page loads. There is nothing more frustrating than landing on a site that makes you click all over to get what you want. Make it simple for your customers to give you money by offering a perfectly clear call to action.

Easily accessible contact details.

Your most important details should be easy to find as many customers will come to your page just for this. Sometimes people just want to be able to call you – so this phone number should be on the front page of your site – or if not, at least an obvious link to your contact section where they can get in touch with less than 3 clicks.

Fully responsive design for mobile devices

A responsive website means it looks just as good on a mobile device as it does on desktop. If you have to squeeze your website on mobile to read it, it means it is built using outdated coding techniques and you are putting your business at risk. Not only could you be turning away customers who won’t have the patience to pinch their screens, but Google also ranks based on how responsive your site is. In 2017 this is an absolute must have!

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