5 Thing Your Website MUST Have to Be Competitive

Obvious Call to Action

On any website we build, the first thing we ask the business owner is what do we want the visitor on your site to do? Is it order your product? Book your service? Come to visit you? Every website has to have a clear call to action that can be determined as soon as the page loads. There is nothing more frustrating than landing on a site that makes you click all over to get what you want. Make it simple for your customers to give you money by offering a perfectly clear call to action.

Easily accessible contact details.

Your most important details should be easy to find as many customers will come to your page just for this. Sometimes people just want to be able to call you – so this phone number should be on the front page of your site – or if not, at least an obvious link to your contact section where they can get in touch with less than 3 clicks.

Fully responsive design for mobile devices

A responsive website means it looks just as good on a mobile device as it does on desktop. If you have to squeeze your website on mobile to read it, it means it is built using outdated coding techniques and you are putting your business at risk. Not only could you be turning away customers who won’t have the patience to pinch their screens, but Google also ranks based on how responsive your site is. In 2017 this is an absolute must have!

A user focussed experience

What we designer nerds call UX or user experience; how does the website flow for the user? Does it look appealing? Does it feel modern? Are things placed with purpose or do they look like they have been put in place as an afterthought? Just as a retail store has to be appealing to bring customers in, your website needs to appeal to your customer to get them to pursue your call to action. This is where an expert eye comes in to play; ensuring the user experience is world class for your business.

A clear understanding of the keywords you are targeting

You want people to find your website – but to do this, you need to use the right words on your website. You can’t just enter a bunch of text and expect Google to know what search phrases to show you in. Designing a website is equal parts science and art – the art is in making it beautiful and appealing to users, but the science part is in writing the text of your site so that search engines read your site and understand your business. Too often people fail to include important keywords in their sites and miss out on potential customers as a result.

If your website lacks even one of these, you need to get in touch and organise your free consultation with one of our designers. We can make you a stunning responsive website, fully optimised for customer conversion for less than $500 – a small investment that will reap benefits for years to come. If you are on Oahu we can come straight to you, minimising disruption to your work day and in most cases, we can turn around your new website in less than a week.