How to find a Property Manager in West Linn, Oregon

Property Management West Linn OR 97068

How to find a Property Manager in West Linn, Oregon

One of the main satisfactions I get out of my job is growing the agency’s portfolio and knowing that a landlord places their complete trust in me to manage their investment property in West Linn. I take the role of managing someone’s property very seriously - and when someone trusts you, it gives you great satisfaction, especially when you are a young agent.

There are many career opportunities in West Linn for property management. I started out as a junior property officer/property management assistant for a small company in the city. I then progressed into a property manager role at that same company. Two years ago I started working as a property manager for a local Wollongong agency, where I still work. However, I know that my career doesn’t stop here. Having a career in property management will allow me to step into managerial roles in the future and pass my skills and knowledge onto other staff members. It is also a career you can come back to. I am currently in my mid 20s and starting a family is something on the cards in the next few years. Knowing I have a background in property management gives me peace of mind. I can either work part-time or take time off and come back to working in the field. It is a career that can open up many doors for you.

If you want a career that pushes you to develop your people, communication and problem solving skills and ability to adapt to different situations, then this is for you. I enjoy every day of my career and a big part of that is working for an agency that supports you and is behind every decision you make. It is important that you have this support, as it gives you confidence in carrying out your daily tasks and handling any complex situations.

If you are considering taking a role in property management then I urge you to; you won’t regret it. It is something that you will always look back on and be thankful for.  

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