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How to Install a SSL for FREE on your Amazon EC2 Hosted Domain

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Tutorial: Configure Apache Web Server on Amazon Linux to Use SSL/TLS

Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) creates an encrypted channel between a web server and web client that protects data in transit from being eavesdropped on. This tutorial explains how to add support manually for SSL/TLS on a single instance of Amazon Linux running Apache web server. The AWS Certificate Manager, not discussed here, is a good option if you plan to offer commercial-grade services.


For historical reasons, web encryption is often referred to simply as SSL. While web browsers still support SSL, its successor protocol TLS is considered to be less vulnerable to attack. Amazon Linux disables all versions of SSL by default and recommends disabling TLS version 1.0, as described below. Only TLS 1.1 and 1.2 may be safely enabled. For more information about the updated encryption standard, see RFC 7568.


These procedures are intended for use with Amazon Linux. If you are trying to set up a LAMP web server on an instance of a different distribution, this tutorial will not work for you. For information about LAMP web servers on Ubuntu, go to the Ubuntu community documentation ApacheMySQLPHP topic. For information about Red Hat Enterprise Linux, go to the Customer Portal topic Web Servers.

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